About Us

Purple Orchid Productions (Singapore) was originally named as Hebron Image Makers and established in 1998 by founder Dawson C.R.


Year 2000 - Miss Vasantham Central was initiated by Hebron Image Makers Pte Ltd and the first Miss Vasantham Central Campaign was launched at the Inaguration of Vasantham Central Channel and named its first beauty queen in Singapore


Year 2001 - The Gujarat Earthquake occured. India faced one of worst earth quakes that left nearly a million families homeless. Hebron Image Makers initiated the relief activities and along with Vasantham Central, organized a grand variety show known as the Gujarat Nivaranam Variety show. The variety show was organized within a breaking record of 10 days of preperation. With huge support from team members, Ananda Kannan, Rajesh Kanna, Manju etc., the show held successfully and the company collected 80,000 SGD for the relief activities


After a long gap, the company re-established in the name of Purple Orchid Productions Pte. Ltd. In year 2015 to produce more quality educational and entertainment programs.